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MerkaOrgánico is the ideal partner for your customers to have a food option that helps them have a healthy life, and together, to build a community that contributes positively to all people who are involved with the development of each of the products.

Our main clients are

Business Casinos
Gastronomic Schools
 Catering - Eventos

or that commits us to provide the best selection of our organic, natural and handmade products for allies and customers.

From the hand of all suppliers and our employees we always work hand in hand to give complete satisfaction to those who buy and consume healthy products, that is why we want to tell you the different benefits that MerkaOrganic offers you by being our ally.

Broad product portafolio                     

We are proud to offer our allies and customers a wide range of organic, natural and artisanal products of high quality, healthy and delicious flavor.


We delire your order from sunday to sunday

To never miss a product in your business we deliver from Sunday to Sunday.


We offer credit quotas according to your ability to pay to facilitate your purchasing process, you just have to fill out the credit application and attach the requested documents.

Sales channels

We offer 5 sales channels for our products:

  1. Institutional Seller

  2. Customer service support line

  3. Phone, email or WhatsApp

  4. Website

  5. Physical store in the El Tesoro Commercial Park

We remind you that we do not stipulate minimum purchase and being our ally we will provide you with a code with which 

You will get benefits on the prices of our products..

Para acceder a estos beneficios, solo debes inscribirte por cualquiera de los medios informados en el numeral 4, anexando el Rut, Cámara de Comercio y Cédula del Representante Legal. Si además vas a utilizar la opción de compras a crédito, anexar el último estado financiero firmado por el contador al igual que el representante legal y  los 3 últimos extractos bancarios  para realizar el estudio correspondiente y definir la línea de crédito que te podemos ofrecer.

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